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Hyderabad State (or) Nizam State was The Biggest Samsthan in India out of 600 Samsthans. In the 18th Century it was under the Moghal Empire, when Moghal Empire became weaken Nizam-Ul-Mulk has announced Hyderabad State in 1724. He is Founder and First Nizam of the Hyderabad. Hyderabad State was biggest state in India with 8 Telangana Districts (Adilabad, Warangal, Karimnagar, Medak, Mahabubnagar, Nizamabad, Nalgonda and Atraafbalda (latter changed as Ranga Reddy District)), 5 Maharashtra districts (Ourangabad, Parbhani, Bheed, Osmanabad, Nanded), 3 Karnataka Districts (Rayachur, Beedar, Gulbarga). Nizams ruled this state from 1724 to September 1948. British Govt. given freedom to India but wantedly they gave freedom for Hyderabad and Kashmir to decide whether Join with India (or) Pakistan. Kashmir ruler Maharaja Hari Singh joined their state in India. But Nizam announced Hyderabad is seperate Country, we not to join in India nor in Pakisthan (becuase joining in Pakisthan is not possible with geographically). The Hyderabad State People  eagerly waited freedom from Nizam and they thought we are going became freedom after India Freedom. The Telangana People suffered many problems, struggled very much with Nizam Rule.They already started Telangana Raithanga Poratam (Farmer Revolution). The India Govt. given warn to Nizam but they did not take any action. Nizam order to not celebrate India Indepance Day because Hyderabad is seperate Country, and he is Freedom King. And ordered India Currency not accepted in Hyderabad State and also announced 20 Crore rupees to  Pakisthan. But in some placec Indian flag hoisted, The First Indian Flag hoisted near King Kothi by Hyderabad Student Union and by City Trade Union Office also hoisted Indian Flag. In many places many people arrested for Indian Flag hoising.

Nizam close adviser Khasim Razvi created Razakar Force with 90,000 Razakars (soonly increased upto 5 lakh). Khasim Razvi main aim was making Hyderabad as a Muslim Country.. They entered in the villages and killed lot of innocent people including females, kids and babies. They looted people and raped ladies before their family people (including girls), they removed women and mens clothes and forced to play batukamma and do many things. They behaved with people like Rakshas (Raakshas are better than the Razakars, because they not did those cruel works that Razakars did, we can't say and see in dreams also that they did).

Telangana People started their fight against Nizam Rule from hundreds of years - the Nizam Rule was worst and bad Rule in the history of India. (I think British Rule was better than Nizam Rule). The Telangana Raithanga Poratam changed as Telangana Saayudha Poratam. Every village created youth forces to fight with Razakars. Not only men, womens also trained using the Arms. Many women fighted like Rani Rudrama, Jhansi Rani. There are many Women Freedom Fighters stories to say. Writing here about some of them. Latter Telangana Freedom Fighters recognised as Indian Freedom Fighters.  India Govt. taken Police Action (Sardar Vallabhai Patel Leadership) on Nizam and Razakars. The operation called as "Operation Polo, it held from 13th September 1948 to 17th September 1948. on 17th September 1948 Nizam surrender to India Military. Telangana got Freedom and merged in Indian Union. Razakar Leader Khasim Razvi sent to jail for killing thousands of innocent people but later he relieved and went Pakistan and settled there. The Nizam got lot of money for surrender himself. The Nizam and their family settled in other countries.)

The Last (10th Nizam) Asif Jahi Nizam  - Mir Osman Ali Khan

Khasim Razvi - Razaakar Force Founder
(The Most Cruel Person in Telangana History)

(Many of Telangana Women participated in Freedom Fight )
 with Household Kitchen Items and Farm Items)


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